Reasons to Support this Initiative

The are hundreds, thousands, even millions of reasons to sign this petition and help the Invest in Education Act qualify for the November 2020 ballot. It’s time for us to act.

Reasons to Support:

Restores hundreds of millions of dollars annually in K-12 education funding to solve the teacher-shortage crisis, lower class sizes, hire aides and counselors, and expand career and technical education.

Ensures accountability. By law, these dollars must be spent where they’re needed most – on teachers, counselors, aides, support services and career and technical education.

Assesses a small income-tax surcharge on only the highest, 1 percent of earners. The remaining 99 percent of Arizona taxpayers won’t pay a cent more.

How it works:

Households making above $500,000 or individuals above $250,000 will pay a 3.5% income-tax surcharge ONLY on the income above those thresholds.

For example, someone with a taxable income of $251,000 will only pay an additional $35 per year.