The Fight for Education Continues.

We are Appealing to the Arizona Supreme Court.


For years, Arizona legislators have campaigned on promises to strengthen our public schools and fix our education funding crisis.
But year after year, they failed to deliver.

Last legislative session, they squandered a billion-dollar surplus, putting the majority of the money into a rainy day fund while enacting even more tax cuts.

As a result, principals are scrambling to fill hundreds of empty teaching positions. Our educators, who rank 49th in pay, are working second and third jobs to make ends meet. And our classrooms are now the most overcrowded in the nation.

We cannot rely on lawmakers to fix a crisis they helped create. Education advocates must take matters into their own hands.

We are working to find dedicated and permanent solutions to address this funding crisis. Will you join us and be part of the solution?

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Invest in Ed is a ballot initiative that puts children first. It restores critical funding for education so that Arizona schools can keep and attract the best teachers and provide our children with the quality education they deserve. There’s no time to wait -- we must invest in our children now for a strong, vibrant Arizona.