What’s at Stake – Zachary Jarrett

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Dear Opponents of Invest in Education,

I am writing in regards to the court’s recent decision to remove the InvestInEd initiative from the November ballot. The Arizona constitution clearly invests citizens with initiative power but this lower court decision abridges that power. The court’s decision regarding the invalidity of the 100 word summary sets a precedent that will make it impossible for citizen initiatives to be passed in the future. It is impossible to fully address any and all possible concerns about an initiative within 100 words. As long as the summary is not deliberately misleading it should be acceptable. Petitions also are required to include the full text of the initiative, which means that even if the summary isn’t entirely comprehensive (and how could it be?) that signers have the ability to read the entire initiative before signing.

Arizona voters have made it clear they want this issue on the ballot. I urge you to reverse the lower court’s decision and protect the rights of Arizonans to legislate by referendum.


Zachary Jarrett
Community Member
Tucson, Arizona

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