What’s At Stake – Arnob Kabir

To those who oppose Invest in Ed for selfish gain:

I am sure that there is little I can say to convince you that the issue of public education should not serve your private interests. I cannot convince you that your actions are immoral and detrimental to students all across Arizona, and even if I could I cannot convince you that you should therefore stop your malicious impediments. Your mountains of wealth, where you sit upon a glided throne are built so high that the clouds block your view of the squandering masses below. But we will squander no more. We are not after your wealth; we are after the dignity you stole from us. We will be silent no longer, and soon you shall see that the burning lies you utter from your slithering tongues will be deafened by our shouts for justice and humanity.

To those who oppose Invest in Ed because of genuine concern:

I appreciate the worry that Invest in Ed will be ineffective in bringing about proper change to our education system. Perhaps you believe it is the misallocation of funding in schools that is the problem, or you believe that private school choice and school vouchers should be how we educate children in Arizona. I would like to respond to these concerns. Firstly, misallocation of funds, especially towards administration. Is this true? Arizona does use its monies differently than other states. But it is certain that the entire system, regardless of where the funds are going, is underfunded. Reexamining the allocation of funding will not fix the issue. You cannot divide the portions on your plate more equitably and expect there to be more food in it. Second, school vouchers. School vouchers can help students attend schools that they otherwise could not have attended. Worryingly, however, is the growing body of research that shows school vouchers may not work to serve their purpose in practice, and may cause greater academic disparity.

Public education serves thousands of students. We should start serving schools.


Arnob Kabir

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