What’s At Stake – Barbra Nehls

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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

Let’s look at the big picture. Arizona’s ranking in education should be the same as the numerical order of statehood.  I understand that in the early to mid 80’s, AZ was above the fold coming in at 18.  After the tax loopholes and economy changed, Arizona dropped to 36. For all my time living here, we toggle between 47 and 48 or worse.   With ALL of the dedication of AZ teachers coming together…..staying separate to collect FAR more than the necessary signatures needed, you need to put it on the ballot and give it to the voters.  

The Chamber of Commerce should NOT be partisan. The irony is the BETTER the schools and education is, the BETTER the local and state economy is. Public schools continue to work hard and provide good education,  and deserve a level playing field. This is NOT the right side of history. What WILL your grand and great children say??  Instead, let future generations say that in 2020, during a pandemic, my ancestors changed history for education in Arizona and that’s why we are now ranked in the top 10 in the nation.


Barbra Nehls
Arizona Educator

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