What’s At Stake – Chris Campbell

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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

My name is Chris Campbell. I taught in the Phoenix Union High School District for thirty years at two different campuses and retired in 2019.

It is unknown to all but those that work in public education or are lucky enough to be married to someone who works in a public school how much extra is expected.

Extra time. Extra curricular activities. Extra duties. Extra meetings. Extra in services. And extra expenses.

I never kept track of what I spent on classroom supplies, room decor, room cleaning materials, or even snacks for the students throughout the course of my teaching career. I never took the write-offs when they became available. I never asked parents to pitch in. And, to be sure, my time in the classroom predated Go Fund Me so I never had to beg digitally for money to enrich
the educational experience of my students. I never asked for anyone to pay for the extras,
because I did.

If the collective economic power of the state were to be harnessed to cover the extras, Arizona might not be last, or nearly last, in funding. And if that were to change, maybe we would see a measurable improvement in achievement. But if we continue to do nothing, at worst, or very
little at best, we will get the same results. By refusing to invest in public schools, we are telling the students in those schools that they aren’t worth the investment. After thirty years in a public high school classroom, I can tell you that takes a tremendous toll on the students. They feel like second class citizens.

At this moment, we have the chance to move the ball down the field. We can choose to invest in public education. We can demonstrate to students that they are worth the money, that they are not second class citizens. We can invest in public education!


Chris Campbell
Retired Teacher

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