What’s At Stake – Graze L.

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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

As a Senior in high school. It’s come to my realization that many highschools lack the importance of having a good and productive environment. I have been in two highschools throughout my 4 years and I have always witnessed a shortage of computers and, sometimes a shortage of teachers. 

For instance, I have been in multiple situations where the school had to bring different substitute teachers everyday to teach one single class because, there was no actual teacher for that class. I have also been in a classroom where students started bringing their own computers simply because the quality of the school computers were poorly taken care of. Furthermore, bathrooms in highschools need to have more attention reached to them, as they usually tend to be very dirty and broken down. In my experience a lot of the times I would walk into the bathrooms I would always find bugs around the stalls and flies. Though this doesn’t affect our learning it does play a big role on the safety and cleanliness of the school. And majority of these situations aren’t caused by the school itself but by the low fundings they receive. For example, I have visited high schools with higher fundings and they all had better quality essentials for students in the classrooms, clean bathrooms, more clubs and newer equipment for sports. 

Which makes me conclude that if lower income schools can receive more funding it would make a much better environment for students to enjoy and have the same opportunities as other highschool students. 

Graze L.
Senior, Copper Canyon High School, Glendale, AZ

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