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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

I am writing as a recent graduate of Brophy College Preparatory in the class of 2020 as well as the son and grandson of lifelong Arizona public school teachers.

Having gone to private school my entire life, my exposure to the public school system came primarily through my parents. This has provided me with an interesting view on the stark difference between a school that is well funded and one that isn’t.

Freshman year, I would spend mornings sitting in my dad’s classroom at Central High School before walking over to Brophy for the school day, and then again return in the afternoon after school had ended. The noticeable differences in quality of life were very apparent. At Brophy, the teachers would be provided with a laptop and any tools they needed in order to help them succeed in the classroom. Meanwhile, I watched as my dad became more and more frustrated as the computer he was given was full of outdated software. This wasn’t even the beginning of the issue, however, as the internet provided to him was even less reliable.

My mom on the other hand would bring extra toilet paper from the bathrooms to her classroom to use as tissues, as she was expected to purchase such products for her classroom. To me at the time, it was absurd that it was my parent’s responsibility to perform such superfluous tasks. One day, I was sitting in her room listening to one of her lessons. The book that the students were using still had former President Barack Obama listed as a Senator. This was in 2020.

My parents chose to send me to private school despite being public school teachers themselves, as they knew it would give me more opportunities. This disparity is directly correlated to the lack of funding. Parents shouldn’t have to shovel thousands of dollars in order to receive a quality K-12 education, which is exactly why you should invest in education.


Hugh C
Brophy Class of 2019

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