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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

I’m graduating high school in 2021 and I have spent my entire life in one of the worst funded educational systems in the country. Here’s what that means: 

In elementary school, we would have one teacher start the school year and another teacher would finish it. Sometimes it got to the point of having three teachers in the same year. We had going away parties often. In middle school, we would only be able to use a certain amount of tissues or pieces of paper from the teacher. And when I got to high school, it got a lot worse. 

It is not normal that bringing in supplies for teachers will get us 100 extra credit points. 

It is not normal that when our teacher runs out of dry erase markers, we have to stop class and ask the teacher next door to spare one. 

It is not normal to have teachers tell us that they spend countless hours and pennies buying supplies themselves, so they don’t run out. This is not normal. 

The money that our teachers are spending to keep supplies in their classrooms, is coming from the money they work for. They aren’t getting repaid for it. And teachers aren’t being paid enough to begin with. Nobody I know is going to college to be a teacher. Everyone is aware how little they get paid. The work teachers are doing is some of the most important work in the world. Teachers create adults and we are failing to pay them for the hours of effort they are putting in to create the best, most well-rounded, and smartest adults they can. Voters have to be given the opportunity to fix this. Please drop your opposition to the Invest in Education Act now.


Jocelynn P.
Senior, Arcadia High School

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