What’s At Stake – Liliana Hutcheson

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Dear Opponents of Invest in Education,

I am a leader in the Latinx community and I support Invest in Education because education is a human right. There should be no hierarchies. Education is an essential need. We need to make sure we provide the tools students need to thrive, especially in a world where society tells them that education=value. We are seeing this more and more every day in the common workforce. Jobs require at least a high school diploma or a degree to even be considered. Now imagine all of the kids who quit school because they simply did not feel they had the resources they needed to succeed. THIS is not acceptable. Education should not be a privilege for the privileged. It should be a freedom for all kids no matter what your zip code. As a mother and community leader, I have experienced first-hand the impacts that broken buildings, torn textbooks and run down computers have on children’s learning. They feel less than and too often have I heard the words “what’s the point” come out of a child’s mouth. I support Invest in Education because I want to make sure that whoever is prescribing my medication was well prepared and was given the opportunity to pick his/her career as young as 2nd grade. I want to give all kids hope that they can become something greater and that where you come from does not always determine where they end up. Investing in education is an investment in our future!

-Hopeful mom

Liliana Hutcheson

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