What’s At Stake – Mariliz G.

Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

I think public schools need more funding because many students that attend public schools such as myself, struggle to get access to private tutors/tutoring online or in person. Even though AP classes are available, it seems we still fall way behind other well funded schools based on our scores. 

This underlines that we simply do not receive the same learning experience as students living in higher income communities. 

This can also harm a students chances to get into a really good university like an Ivy league if they are not given proper and professional teaching. Another reason we need more funding is for additional programs, such as sports. Many students enjoy sports but unfortunately, many public schools don’t have enough money to provide proper equipment to the players which can really impact their performance and increases the likelihood of injuries. 

Public schools need more funding!

Mariliz G.
Senior, Trevor G. Browne

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