What’s At Stake – Mario M.

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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

My name is Mario M. and I am going to be a high school sophomore. All of my life I have felt cheated from the public school system. 

I have family members that live on the east side of the valley and I have seen the inequities first-hand between my high school and theirs. My cousins would talk about updated gyms, new lockers, new programs, new technology and the list goes on. It honestly made me feel like I would never have the same opportunities as them no matter how hard I tried. Further, the teacher shortage really has impacted my learning. Substitute teacher days often meant replacing lecture with a movie and this always impacted my ability to prepare for exams or assignments and truly took a toll on my learning. 

I just wish I could attend a school that received the same opportunities as any other student regardless of zip code. 

I don’t want to get overlooked because of where I come from, where I went to school or the lack of equitable opportunities. The only way to ensure that I receive the same opportunities is to fund public education. I am tired of feeling inadequate and not worth it. I AM WORTH IT and so is every other minority, low income student I go to school with. I know I will become something great, regardless, because that is how my mother raised me, but I am here to speak for those without a voice or who are merely clouded by the lack of knowledge they have not received due to a poor education system. 

I will not be a statistic, FUND PUBLIC EDUCATION. ARIZONA, it’s time to WAKE UP. 

Mario M