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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

I would like to write to you to let you know why I spent time working on and for Invest in Education. 

My students. Simple as that, my students. There are students that are working and spending hours of their day in classrooms that are lacking basic supplies, holes in the ceilings, bugs crawling around. Teachers are spending thousands of dollars of their own money to get the basic and necessary supplies for their students, and during a pandemic, we are required to buy more items to keep our classrooms safe with less money than ever before. 

Support staff and teachers in schools work multiple jobs in order to provide food, shelter, and clothing for their children. Children deserve more! 

Schools deserve to be a place that they can safely come and learn and not worry about water dripping being stung by scorpions. They shouldn’t have to. They should have the resources that they need to learn. Invest in Education clearly states that resources will be given to students, schools, and staff. How do I explain to my students why the state they live in, the state they go to school in do not support their education? 

When you say “no” to Invest in Education, you are saying no to a child’s future. I am so glad you did not have someone give up on your education. If they had, would you be where you are? There are times that I have not eaten, because I don’t have the money to spend on food as it is going to help my students. Invest in Education is a way that I can find stability in education, faith in the justice system again, and create opportunities for students in ways we have never been able to.


MaShelle Knipe
Arizona Educator

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