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Dear Invest in Education Opponents,

Personally, I have been spending my time gathering signatures without getting paid. I did it in 2018, I did it in 2020. I am disappointed that all of my hard work, and all my colleagues from around the state, is going once again unnoticed. To nearly double the amount of signatures needed in the allotment of time we had during a global pandemic is quite remarkable. I am truly sad for the people who have been putting everything they have into this #InvestinEd initiative. I am only going into my 4th year teaching, and to be honest, I am tired of fighting a losing battle. My first year was when the walkout started and we marched at the capitol. In this short time, I have heard so many stories that make me keep going. I am truly inspired each day by the teachers, support staff, administration, etc. that continue to fight no matter what the circumstances are. I will continue to fight. We will continue to fight. 

If only you were able to see what some of our schools are going through. I haven’t had air conditioning for the three years I’ve taught. When I talk to the maintenance man at our school, he says that the Air Conditioning unit is the oldest in the district, 30+ years, and it is something that you will have to deal with. When I have students coming in from recess sweating walking into a classroom that is just as hot… that is unfair. 

When the whole class “cheers and claps” when the AC finally turns on is something you shouldn’t have to clap for, but in my case, it is. 

But, most importantly, you are failing our children. You are failing our future. Why did I want to become a teacher? I wanted to teach our youth in a way that would better our state and our country. I wanted to teach that with hard work and dedication, things are possible. I wanted to teach them what it means to persevere. I try to live up to the values I teach my students. It is time that you live up to your word. 

The time to act is now. 


Victor Quinn
6th Grade Math Teacher
Royal Palm School, Phoenix

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