Become an #INVESTinED Endorser 

It's time to showcase the tremendous support our movement has built, including the many Arizona businesses and organizations that support #INVESTinED. Fill out the form below if you represent a business, organization or individual that wants to endorse our campaign! Or, print out the PDF version of the form and, once completed, send a photo or scanned copy to 
Fill Out the Online Form

Step One

Approach a business that you know is supportive of #REDforED.

Step Two

Ask to speak with the owner or manager and thank them sincerely for their support. If you're able to give or send them a hand-written thank you card, even better!

Step Three

Ask them to fill out our short form - you can have them input the information into our online form on your phone, or print our downloadable version and have them fill it out, then input the information into the online form later.