Be a part of record voter turnout in Arizona this year. Your vote matters.

A YES vote on Prop 208 restores hundreds of millions of dollars annually in K-12 education funding to solve the teacher-shortage crisis, lower class sizes, hire aides and counselors, and expand career and technical education

✔ Prop 208 ensures accountability. By law, these dollars must be spent where they’re needed most – on teachers, counselors, aides, support services and career and technical education

✔ The measure assesses a small income-tax surcharge on only the highest, 1 percent of earners. The remaining 99 percent of Arizona taxpayers won’t pay a cent more.


99% of Arizonans – including the average small business owner, lawyer, doctor and dentist – will NOT pay this surcharge. 

Only the top 1 percent of earners will contribute. And even with the proposed 3.5% surcharge, Arizona’s income taxes on the highest earners will still remain lower than 25 other states. Learn more

99 cents of every dollar provided by Prop 208 will reach the classroom – where it’s most needed. Learn more

Your Ballot

Turn your ballot over to find Proposition 208 and Vote Yes!