What Is Proposition 207?

Proposition 207, the Invest in Education Act, restores critical funding for education so that Arizona schools can keep and attract the best teachers and provide our children with the quality education that they deserve.

Our Mission

 We are teachers, students, parents and education supporters. We've come together because year after year, politicians have catered to corporate interests while willfully ignoring the needs of our children. We are saying no more. No more status quo, no more waiting for corrupt politicians to fix the problem they created. It's time to invest in our children and build a stronger, more vibrant Arizona.

It's time for INVESTinED.  



Proposition 207, the Invest in Education Act, will raise $690 million for our schools. With that money, we can:

  • Raise teacher salaries to keep and retain the best teachers
  • Reduce class sizes
  • Add valuable support staff like nurses, counselors, social workers, and librarians

The initiative will provide a dedicated funding stream for public education that can’t be touched by lawmakers and is paid for by an increase on the income tax of the wealthiest 1% of Arizonans.

We will need the help of education activists from all across our state to gather more than 150,642 verified petition signatures before the July 5 deadline to qualify for the ballot in November.