To win in November, we'll need to show that it's not just teachers who are in favor of INVESTinED. In particular, we need to showcase the support for INVESTinED among small businesses. Businesses know that when we invest in our students, they graduate ready to excel in the workplace. That's why so many businesses have already shown support for our campaign by putting RedforEd signs in their windows, hosting petition events, and more. Now, we need to ask local businesses to sign on as official endorsers of INVESTinED. 

Can you host a small business outreach event? Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a location (like a coffee shop or a restaurant) and a time (you'll need 3-4 hours, preferably on a weekend.)
  2. Contact the campaign -- email so that we can publicize your event and make sure you have everything you need, from signs for businesses to put in their windows, to printed endorsement forms, to talking points for publicity.
  3. Spread the word! Create a Facebook event and invite your friends. Email coworkers or people who you know from petition-gathering. Publicize however you can!
  4. On the day of, welcome everyone who arrives and remind them why INVESTinEd is important to you. Then split people up into pairs, with each pair assigned to a different shopping area or neighborhood.
  5. Pairs should approach locally-owned businesses and ask to speak with the manager or owner. If the owner or manager is available,  explain why INVESTinEd matters to you, then ask them to endorse (and give them a sign for their window). If the owner or manager isn't available, leave a copy of the endorsement form and the sign. If they have a RedforEd sign, be sure to thank them!
  6. After each pair has gotten 5 endorsements, reconvene to debrief and celebrate your efforts.