Once Again, the Politicians Put Our Students Last

Arizona politicians once again put students last.

This past Saturday, over a hundred parents and teachers spent hours attending a hearing at the state capitol, hoping that legislators would do the right thing and approve a neutral, unbiased description of Prop 207, the INVESTinED initiative, for inclusion in the informational pamphlet sent to voters by the Secretary of State. Yet once again, the politicians literally put our children and teachers last, eliminating any reference to teachers, classrooms or education until the 7th paragraph of the analysis.

Time after time, they rig the system for the corporate and lobbyist elite. They will do anything to prevent voters from having a free and fair chance to vote for reduced class sizes and raises to keep our best teachers in Arizona.

The thousands of teachers and parents who collected signatures to get Prop 207 on the ballot know they will not get an even break from Arizona politicians.

The supporters of INVESTinED are committed to making sure that Arizona voters know that Prop 207 is first and foremost an education initiative that restores critical funding for education so that Arizona schools can keep and attract the best teachers and provide our children with the quality education they deserve.


  1. Spread the word that it’s time to VOTE and rid this place of the corruptness that lives in this hostile political setting. Do what’s right and VOTE them out.

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