Why only raise the income tax on the wealthiest 1 percent?

Volunteer petition circulators can pick-up and drop-off petition packets at any of the statewide locations here. If you are an educator, check-in with your site liaison for packet distribution events in your area.

How do I collect petition signatures?

Before you begin collecting signatures, carefully read the petition guidelines here, because there are very specific state guidelines for how petitions can be collected in order to count. For more information, please read our facts sheet here to learn more about the Invest in Education Act.

How do I return a petition?

Check-in packets to your site liaison or return to any daily pick-up and drop-off location here. You must have your petitions notarized prior to return by a legal notary. *Most daily drop-off locations have a volunteer legal notary - check map for more details.

How can I get more involved?

Read the step-by-step event host guide here and post your event here. You can sign up to volunteer to circulate petitions, be a distribution organizer, or notary public here. If you work at a school, start collecting phone numbers and personal emails from friends and parents at your school so you can create a summer organizing team.