Who can circulate petitions?

Any person who is qualified to register to vote in Arizona may circulate petitions. The only requirement for volunteers to circulate a petition is that you must be qualified to register to vote in Arizona. 

Who can sign a petition?

Petition signers must be registered to vote in Arizona and at least 18 years old on the date of signing.

How to collect signatures 

Before you begin, do just three (3) things:

  • Check the "Volunteer" box
  • Write in the county where you are collecting the signatures, in the two boxes where this information is requested

Don’t fill anything else out until you get your petition filled out! 

As people are signing, pay attention so you can guide them:

  • They must print clearly in black or blue ink.
  • Remind the signer to use their full legal name and the address where they are registered to vote.
  • Complete all fields: signature, printed first and last name, address where they are registered to vote and date signed.
  • Ensure they get the date correct – if you end up with a date that is prior to the last date, it may get the signature tossed.
  • Ensure signature and all handwriting fit in the box – alert them to this prior to signing.
  • If they mess up, have them neatly cross it out, initial, and correct the error.
  • Signers must be registered to vote in the same county in which the petition sheet is signed. If their address is out of county, please have them cross it out and sign the correct petition.

Do not: 

  • Solicit signatures on school grounds or on school time
  • Separate the petition from the ballot language - they MUST remain stapled together
  • Allow an individual to sign the same petition twice.
  • Allow a second signer in a household to use ditto marks – they must write it all out.
  • Sign for the individual or allow any other person to sign the petition on that individual’s behalf unless in the presence of (and at the request of) an individual who is incapable of signing or printing their own name because of physical infirmity.
  • PO Boxes are not allowed – the signer should use the address where they are registered.
  • Do not let anyone scribble in the margin or anywhere on the petition.
  • Allow anyone to sign when you're not present -- you must personally witness each collected signature.

When you have completed your packet:

  • Before you see the notary, neatly print your full legal name in the first box, the county where you are registered to vote in the second box and complete your address including city, state, and zip code 
  • The other fields are for the notary – do not write in either of these sections
  • In front of the notary public you will show them your ID and sign your name
  • Don’t sign until you are in front of the notary
  • You must personally turn in your petitions to a notary -- no one can deliver them for you!


Please note: As an education activist, you don’t represent Invest in Education as an organization. You represent your own causes as a concerned constituent and community stakeholder. This is critical to our strength as a movement: As you work on your campaign, and other causes, your voices will be stronger as representatives of your community. If anyone is looking for a comment from the campaign please direct them to info@investinedaz.com.