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Party Planning

Hosting an Invest in Ed petition party is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a time and a location (it could be your house, but your favorite coffee shop, diner, or bar works too!) Get creative! Think about hosting an informal happy hour at a sports bar or brewery. Or just let folks know that you’ll be at the neighborhood coffee shop for a few hours! If you’re feeling more ambitious, you could do a wine and cheese night at your house, or have folks over for nachos. Or maybe a picnic at a nearby splash-pad, a barbecue in the park, or a pool party! It’s your party so make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy.
  2. Register your event here
  3. Reach out! Share the info with your colleagues, your neighbors, your family, your Facebook friends -- anyone who you think hasn’t signed the petition yet.  Invite them to drop by, say hi, and sign! Make sure you post on Facebook (and on Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you’re active). Send some quick texts or an email to neighbors, friends, colleagues, or family. Remind them that it’s not a big commitment -- they just need to come by for a couple minutes and sign! We have some sample materials below.
  4. Get the materials you’ll need! You’ll need physical petitions for people to sign. You can pick them up at one of our petition hubs, most of which are open Monday-Friday. If those times and days don’t work for you, try stopping by one of the other upcoming events. Our petition hubs are also a great place to get a clipboard and a signature guide (to help people stay in the lines) -- and some of our great “I Signed” stickers!
  5. Have fun and get lots of signatures!
  6. You may have some people who want to take a petition home with them and get their friends and family to sign. That’s awesome! Just be sure to check-out any petition sheets you give out using this link:
  7. At the end of your event, if you have completed petitions (nice work!), be sure to check them in online, then drop them off at a petition hub near you.
  8. Have any photos, funny stories, or victories to share? Post them on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #InvestinEd.