For too long Arizona politicians have cut billions from our classrooms, leading to crumbling schools, overcrowded classrooms and teachers fleeing to other states. 


It ends now.

The politicians who got us into this mess will do anything to keep our schools and students last. Just as politicians tried to ignore teachers during the walk out, they are trying to ignore the 270,000 voters who signed the Invest in Education petitions to demand better for our schools and our children. They may have blocked our initiative, but they cannot block us at the polls in November. 

That is why we have created the Invest In Ed Pledge: to show who are true pro-public education candidates who will work every day to restore funding to our schools and treat our teachers with the respect they deserve.

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Pledge for Candidates

When elected, I will restore critical funding for education by adding sustainable sources of revenue, so that Arizona schools can keep and attract the best teachers and provide our children the quality education that they deserve.

We pledge to:

  • Immediately restore education funding to 2008 levels.
  • No new tax cuts until per-student funding reaches the national average.
  • A 20% salary increase for teachers to create competitive pay with neighboring states.
  • Competitive pay for all education support professionals.
  • Permanent teacher salary structure, which includes annual raises.
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Pledge for Voters

When I vote at the polls this November, and in every election after, I pledge to vote for pro-public education candidates who have signed the #InvestinEd Pledge. I pledge to vote for candidates who will work every day to restore critical funding for education, so that Arizona schools can attract and keep the best teachers and provide our children with the quality education that they deserve.


Take the Pledge as a Voter

Fact Sheets

The Billion Dollar Funding Gap

Arizona’s public schools took a massive hit during the Great Recession. Our Legislature slashed $1.5 billion in funding, the biggest reduction in K-12 monies in the nation. The 2016 voter-approved settlement over inflationary funding, known as Proposition 123, only restored 18% of the cuts that had been implemented since 2008.

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The Voucher Scam

While Governor Ducey and many lawmakers have said we can’t afford to do more to strengthen public education, they have made private and religious schools a high priority, dramatically growing the amount of tax dollars that are diverted away from public schools. The public dollars diverted from public schools through private school tax credits and ESA vouchers has grown from $14 million in 1999 to $253 million in 2018.

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