How to make a difference on Election Day: November 6, 2018

If you are an educator who has decided to dedicate election day to electing candidates who will support our public schools, here are some suggestions.

Organize a Walk In
#RedforEd leaders at school sites around the state are organizing Election Day Walk Ins! You know the drill. Meet outside your school grounds wearing red with signs that say: “Vote Today for Our Students.” Be visible as parents students come to school. Post on social media #REDforEd #VoteTodayforOurStudents. Walk in to your school in time to meet students. The visibility will help turn out our parent supporters. (This is legal and does not violate election laws or school policies.)

Block Out the Day
There is plenty to do all day, from before the polls open at 6 am until they close at 7 pm.

Working a Polling Location (School Board Races, Bonds, Overrides Only)
If you are working on a school board candidate’s race, covering the polls is good use of your time. A high percentage of the voters who will be voting at the polls do not even know who is running for school board, so handing them a palm card is effective. Stand outside the marked 75 foot line, introduce yourself as an educator to voters as they approach the polls, hand them a card with the names of your school board candidates and ask them for their vote. If the polling location is at a school site, it is legal to electioneer outside the 75 foot limit. Be sure to cover the busiest times at the polls (early morning, lunch, after 4 pm) with the highest turnout. Contact your OC for a list of priority polling locations.

Targeted Legislative Races
This is what “#RememberinNovember” is all about: changing the legislature to a majority of pro-education legislators. This is where we need the most help. Election day work here is all about knocking on doors and contacting voters to Get Out the Vote. Put on your walking shoes and red shirt and report as early as you can to campaign HQ for 1 of the 3 targeted districts. They will keep you fed. You can canvass all day: priority times are early in the AM and after 4 PM. Please work here if possible.
LD 6 • Flagstaff, AZ LD 17 • Gilbert, AZ LD 28 • Phoenix, AZ
201 E Birch Ave #6 1450 W. Warner Rd. Ste. 124 10401 N 32nd St.

Everywhere Else - Plug into Coordinated Campaign
Knocking on doors and contacting voters is what the Coordinated Campaign is all about on election day. There are many locations. Find one here!

Social Pressure & Vote Plans
Tap into your personal network so your coworkers, friends, and family vote:
Make a list of 5 people you know who need a nudge to vote and text or call them
2. Download the Vote with Me app on your phone to find key people in your contacts who need to be reminded to vote:

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